Add interactive content in my course

H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package. It enables educators to create content such as interactive videos, quizzes and presentations.

H5P Interactive Contents

Step 1: Turn on the “Course editing on” 

(T/N: if you are already in the editing mode, you can skip this step)

Step 2: To add the Interactive Contents click on  the activity and resources pop-up list will appear.

Then Click on “H5P Interactive Content” at the radio option button and click add

You will see this page;

Step 3: Choose your interactive content type. 

Note: There are many type of interactive contents listed.

Step 4: After found your desired interactive content type. Click details

Step 5: To use the content type click “Use”

Note: You can always click “content demo” to learn how the content work.

Step 6: Common module settings

Group mode: Here you can choose whether the quiz should be organized by group. This only has an effect on the review screens of the teachers where it determines which groups of students they see.

Visible to students: Determines whether the quiz will be visible to students. If you are still in the process of setting up the quiz then it is highly advisable to leave this set to ‘Hide’. Otherwise students might view or even attempt the quiz before it is tested and ready. This setting is common to all activities and can also be toggled by clicking on the eye icon behind the activity’s name on the course page.

Step 7: Set the “Restrict Access” and “Activity Completion” 

Restrict access – allows the teacher to set open and closed dates

Step 8: Save

Choose either to “Save and return” to go back to your course, or “Save and display” to go to the next screen.