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GoKelas allows you to create your courses online and sell it to your target audience. You don’t need to own an eLearning Platform. Leverage on GoKelas platform to create, sell and market your courses.

GoKelas for Training Providers

Free for Life. No setup fees, maintenance or hosting costs
Create unlimited courses
Create course contents like branching scenarios, animated videos, exams from within GoKelas without using 3rd party software.
Enrol unlimited students. Sell your courses.

Type of Courses

Free Courses

  • You can create unlimited free courses
  • Anyone can enrol in free courses (You cannot limit who can enrol in free courses)

Paid Courses

  • You can create unlimited paid courses.
  • You can set your course price and enrolment duration.
  • Potential students can self-enrol themselves upon completion of payment using GoKelas Payment Gateway.


  • All paid course payments will go to GoKelas Payment gateway.
  • GoKelas will impose a 10% fee on all paid course
  • Additionally, RM 1.50/transaction will be imposed by our payment gateway provider
  • Payments will be credited to your account on 28th of each month

Platform Features

  • Course Creation
  • Create unlimited courses
  • Create animated contents
  • Upload SCORM/AICC/LTI compliance contents
  • Upload PPTX, DOCX, XLSX and many other types
  • Create assignments, quizzes etc
  • User Enrolment
  • Free enrolment - anyone can enrol in your course
  • Paid enrolment - user make payment to enrol in your course for a duration you set
  • Bulk enrolment* - use CSV file to enrol users
  • Conditional Access
  • Set condition who can access
  • Set pre-requisites
  • Set grade, date, status based conditions
  • eCertification
  • Issue digital badges to your students
  • Issue PDF certificate (with QR Code)
  • Gamification
  • Add Leaderboard in your course
  • Reporting
  • Get details of users completed your course
  • Get the list of users enrolled in your course


Yes. The platform is available for free forever. Free courses are hosted completely free. However, there is a 10% service charge for paid courses.

The courses are hosted at Amazon Cloud with enterprise-level encryption. All contents are encrypted and secured.

GoKelas is created by a team of eLearning professionals. Learn more about them here.

We provide free phone/email support. We also offer free eLearning webinars for you to learn more about our platform.

Once your application is approved, you can start composing your courses on and ready to sell.

Courses created in GoKelas are formatted in GoKelas format and not available to download at this beta stage. However, you can always download your contents one by one.

There are absolutely no hidden charges or setup fees. All courses are hosted for free. For paid courses, there is a 10% charge imposed for every successful transaction + RM 1.50 payment gateway fees. 

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